is a company with an unique objective: the highest quality

MIRA INNOVATION is an spanish company (based in Alicante) specialized in the production of office and community seating and is a reference player in both these sectors. In the last few years the Company has strengthened its position via an important strategy involving distribution and manufacturing differentiation in a logic of company internationalization. Last year we decided to differentiate its production with the development of a complete and well thought out collection of community seating, a sector that has required new skills and resources where MIRA INNOVATION has managed to express its potential at its best.

Always attentive to customers’ satisfaction, today MIRA INNOVATION can plan exclusive “solutions on demand”, highlighting product design and functionality. The internationalization of the brand and the multiproduct offer turn MIRA INNOVATION into a reality fully integrated, that occupies a fully-fledged position both in the office seating sector and in the community one.

If it's true that a well-made seating can be recognized by the fact that it fully satisfies the requirements for which it was designed, a good-looking seating is instead perceived so if it satisfies an aesthetic pleasure. The mission of the Company is that of developing new solutions of seating able to satisfy both of these aspects, thus allowing the user to work in a more creative, efficient and pleasant way. But not only: there is also a strong willingness of being - almost a unique experience in the world - a Company able to offer a range of products that are excellent both in the office and waiting sectors and in the conference and learning ones.
Exciting products, strongly innovative from the formal and technological point of view, arise from a constant research of materials and from skilful and new applications. The products of MIRA INNOVATION are recognized all over the world for the unmistakable design and the very high performances.
MIRA INNOVATION is always attentive to client satisfaction, even with the most demanding clients, since it designs and engineers exclusive "Solutions on Demand" that improve product design and functionality. The Company works with the client to analyse and identify needs and expectations, considering environmental constraints as well as safety regulations, durability and acoustics.